The Story

Enter “Kingdom Venture Capital Fund”, a social economic-development fund working in the slums of Africa and India. After a long, hot and sweaty day of filming monotonous investor updates, Matt, the fund CEO grabs a beer on set, as a cameraman is still filming. A muttering commences, “Put the beer away... Christian churches and investors don’t want to see you drinking”. The peanut gallery chimes in, “What kind of message does that send?”  As the greatly anticipated refreshment of Indian Ale was ruined, a triggering debate was sparked about the church, judgment and the hypocrisies of ‘religion’ itself. Matt begins a classic rant, “F*** religion, let’s create a new show where we drink beer and talk about God. We’ll call it, ‘The Christian Beer Network’, just to polarize people. And if the church shuns us, we’ll become our own church. It’ll be a blast.” -- Two years later, here we are.

While there are 240 million polled Christians in America and 2.2 Billion worldwide, Co-Hosts Matt Cook and Grant Anderson ask the tough questions. How many ‘Christians’ actually act like Christians? How many understand or even practice biblical fundamentals? And what about the 1.8 Billion Muslims in the world; do Christians just believe they all go to hell when they die? Do Muslims believe all Christians go to hell when they die? We’ve been to over 50 countries and it still seems that warring over age-old religion just seems a bit archaic. Now what about stuff like child sex trafficking, drugs, greed, murder... the ‘sins’ of the world --- are they forgivable? Is there a way to encourage people globally to forgive, to love, to quest for unity? And if so, what current avenues are place to try to achieve this? How can we reach everyone, and speak freely, and do it together in one place?

We think we found a start. Drinking beer and talking about God with influential people. And doing it on the most powerfully connected platform in the world, operating in over 120 Million homes in 190 countries --- Netflix.

Since we‘re an independent program, we’re welcoming new partners, sponsors and guests of the show. We are also new locals to Las Vegas, so we’re eager to collaborate with the amazing talent available! We’re not doing this for money (in fact, this is 100% funded by ourselves and credit cards), and Matt has even left his Venture Capital business to pursue this full-time. We’re also not doing it for the fame (though we’d love to have some famous guests join us to drink beer and talk about God!). We have Season 2 planned for re-investing every penny (if any is earned), and we’re excited about some big next steps; such as Online educational materials to go along with each episode, Sunday post-game Christian Beer Network home groups (for our football enthusiasts who are already drinking and don‘t want to go to church), and a segment of the show for our celebrity guests to promote their charities.

So we thank you in advance for your amazing love, support, connections, and professional skills (God knows we need it all) to help us film this show and make it a true success!


Matt Cook | Executive Producer, Creator

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